Saturday 25 February 2017

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  • Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips

    Friday 01 November 2013

    If you haven't noticed, summer is here! The kids are out of school and road trip season is upon us! It is important to prepare your vehicle for the few extra miles you will likely rack up as you crisscross the state or country on your next summer adventure. Be sure to conduct a little pre-summer auto maintenance so your vehicle keeps on running great all summer long, providing you with reliable transportation and fantastic fuel efficiency. Inflate the Tires Ensure that your... read more

  • 5 Signs of Cooling System Failure

    Thursday 10 October 2013

    The cooling system in your car or truck has an extremely important job. It keeps the engine temperature regulated during operation to prevent it from quite literally melting itself. In most vehicles the cooling system consists of a radiator, fan, a thermostat, water pump and a series of hoses that coolant runs through in order to keep the heat down inside the engine. A faulty cooling system can lead to serious engine trouble, such as a blown head gasket, or worse, complete engine failu... read more

  • 3 Signs it is Time for a Wheel Alignment

    Friday 04 October 2013

    Could you imagine trying to walk if each one of your feet wanted to go in different directions? You'd be wandering all over the sidewalk! Thankfully our bodies are rightfully aligned, making it easy to take ourselves in the directions we intend to go. Cars and trucks are also designed to go in one direction, of which the driver selects. The tires are all aligned perfectly when a vehicle rolls off the assembly line, but following some sort of impact or a run in with a curb or pot hole a... read more

  • How Important are Oil Changes?

    Tuesday 01 October 2013

    No matter what you drive it requires regular maintenance in order to properly operate. Whether you need a cooling system flush or a complete 30/60/90K checkup, these services are incredibly important to do if you want to ensure your car has a long and healthy roadlife. While these services only need to be done every few years or so, there is another services that is imperative to the health of your car that needs to happen on a much more regular basis, usually between every 3,000 and... read more