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3 Myths About European Auto Repairs

If you own a European-made vehicle like BMW, MINI, Jaguar or Volkswagen (or if you're thinking about buying one), you've probably heard a few stories about how difficult or expensive they are to repair and maintain. The truth is, European auto repairs and maintenance don't have to be pricey, and when properly maintained, European cars run just as well as (or better than) most other vehicles on the road. While it's true that you want to be selective about which auto repair shop you use, it's definitely possible to have quality repairs and maintenance performed on your European vehicle without breaking the bank. Let's dispel three common myths about European automobile maintenance and repair.

MYTH ONE: European cars have to be repaired and maintained by the dealership.

This myth is perhaps the most common reason why people mistakenly believe that owning a European car is expensive. Dealership service departments tend to charge premium rates for their services, they like to suggest that they are the only place in town you can trust, and they especially like to suggest that your warranty is only good if you go there for maintenance. The problem is--it's not true. European auto repairs can be performed by any independent auto repair service whose mechanics are trained to work on your make of vehicle, and the manufacturer will still honor the warranty. Furthermore, independent shops tend to charge much less for parts and service, so you can save a ton of money by finding and using one of these shops.

MYTH TWO: You can trust any mechanic to work on your European car.

Here's the other extreme you want to avoid: don't go to just any mechanic who says he knows how to work on your car. It's important to choose an independent repair shop whose mechanics are specifically trained to work on your vehicle, whether you're driving a BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes or another make. This will keep your warranty intact and give you peace of mind that your vehicle is being maintained properly. Always ask for the credentials of any repair shop your are considering, and make sure they are qualified before allowing them to work on your car.

MYTH THREE: European vehicles cost lots of money to maintain.

There are plenty of horror stories circulating out there that European automobiles tend to be touchy and persnickety, requiring lots of trips to the mechanic. The truth is, depending on the manufacturer, European cars are precision vehicles that will run well for years when you adhere to the recommended factory maintenance schedule for your car. There are a few "lemons" out there, but that's as true of domestic vehicles as it is for foreign ones.

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