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What Causes Engine Failure?

Vehicle engines are highly engineered to perform well with relatively little maintenance. While oil changes, timing belt replacement and 30/60/90K maintenance are all necessary parts of an engine's life there are problems that can arise that will leave you stranded and wondering what went wrong. Hopefully it doesn't get to the point of complete engine failure as you will have likely had numerous symptoms of trouble. But if your engine does bring your car to a grinding halt it is likely because it didn't receive the maintenance it needed or simply because it has racked up many miles, wearing out parts along the way. These are three common things that can cause an engine to seize up. Overheating Problems If the engine is allowed to run at temperatures hotter than it is designed to it will begin to overheat. If this happens it can cause several parts to fail. Overheating often occurs due a coolant leak from coming from the radiator, a cooling system home or system ... read more

4 Common Symptoms of Starter Failure

People often take for granted the fact that when they turn the key in their vehicle's ignition in order to start their car that a complicated series of events must happen. The turning of the key is really the most simple thing about turning the car on. That key basically unlocks an electrical pathway that allows for the rest of the events to happen, usually within a split second. One of the first things that happens is that electricity is fed to the starter motor, allowing its pinion gear to mesh with the flywheel in order to get the engine spinning. If the starter motor fails your car won't be able to turn on. If you're having issues getting the motor started and you experience any of these signs of starter motor problems you better head to the auto repair shop to get it repaired or replaced! Grinding Noise A grinding sound that occurs when trying to start your car is probably being caused by loose bolts that mount the starter motor. However it may also indicate worn, broken ... read more

Tricks of the Trade - Mechanics' Little Secrets

Choosing an auto repair shop for your vehicle's service and repair can be daunting, as we've all heard stories about unscrupulous mechanics finding and fixing a small problem but billing for the repair of a big one. Experts say three out of ten auto shops are unethical, and only half produce better than mediocre work. So where does that leave you when your car or truck needs work? Here are some tips that'll help you recognize auto repair shops to avoid. Big One: Watch for scare tactics that come in phrases like, "Good thing you got this in here when you did! I wouldn't have driven this one more mile." That's almost always a good signal to pack up and be on your way right there and then. Reputable auto repair shops display certifications and the more the better. If you don't see any displayed, ask to see them. Meaningful certifications include, but are not limited to, the American Automobile Association (AAA), Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and the Better Business Bureau ( ... read more

4 Signs of Major Engine Trouble

There are few greater feelings than being able to hit the open road and cruise down the coast. Of course, you're more likely utilizing your car for a daily commute to the office. Either way you car is put under a lot of stress during its regular operations. Without proper care or after many miles on the road there is a good chance you're going to run into some problems with your motor. There are a few signs of engine trouble you can look out for, and as long as you head to the mechanic at the first trace of an issue you shouldn't have to worry about extensive engine repairs. Knocking Noise The moving parts of your vehicle's engine rests on engine bearings. If these bearings wear out because they are not properly lubricated or just due to high mileage there will be a metal on metal contact that creates a repetitive knocking noise that will speed up and down parallel to engine RPMs. Head to the mechanic the first time you hear this noise to avoid the need for a compl ... read more

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