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3 Signs it is Time for a Wheel Alignment

Could you imagine trying to walk if each one of your feet wanted to go in different directions? You'd be wandering all over the sidewalk! Thankfully our bodies are rightfully aligned, making it easy to take ourselves in the directions we intend to go. Cars and trucks are also designed to go in one direction, of which the driver selects. The tires are all aligned perfectly when a vehicle rolls off the assembly line, but following some sort of impact or a run in with a curb or pot hole all that could easily change. If one of your tires is pushed out of alignment it will cause hazardous control issues that could result in decreased fuel efficiency, increased tire wear and numerous other problems. If your vehicle is portraying any of these signs of bad tire alignment give the auto shop a call today to have your vehicle serviced. Shaking or Vibrating Steering Wheel Perhaps one of the most obvious signs of trouble is a steering wheel that shakes or vibrates constantly ... read more

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