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4 Signs of Major Engine Trouble

There are few greater feelings than being able to hit the open road and cruise down the coast. Of course, you're more likely utilizing your car for a daily commute to the office. Either way you car is put under a lot of stress during its regular operations. Without proper care or after many miles on the road there is a good chance you're going to run into some problems with your motor. There are a few signs of engine trouble you can look out for, and as long as you head to the mechanic at the first trace of an issue you shouldn't have to worry about extensive engine repairs. Knocking Noise The moving parts of your vehicle's engine rests on engine bearings. If these bearings wear out because they are not properly lubricated or just due to high mileage there will be a metal on metal contact that creates a repetitive knocking noise that will speed up and down parallel to engine RPMs. Head to the mechanic the first time you hear this noise to avoid the need for a compl ... read more

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