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Why Proper Wheel Alignment Is Important

If you believe that proper wheel alignment is not as high a priority for your vehicle as, say, engine repair or transmission service, think again. That's the kind of thinking that can shorten the life of your vehicle, not to mention costing you a lot more in the long run. While failing transmissions or broken belts are certainly more acute problems, wheels that are out of alignment are silently eroding away the road life of your car, sowing seeds for a lot more "acute" problems in the future. The truth is, wheel alignment is as much a part of proper auto repair and maintenance as changing the oil, and the cost of having it done is extremely low compared to the costs that can arise later from not having it done. Benefits of proper wheel alignment For a moment, let's forget about what improper alignment can do to your car, and let's look at what good things come from keeping the wheels aligned: Savings on fuel. When the wheels are out of alignment, it causes undue resistance ... read more

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